Festival Art Exhibition

heart sings

"Heart sings" image courtesy of Michael Leunig

The Art exhibitions at the previous festivals have been a visual delight and a popular feature of the festival.
In 2018 the exhibit returns to the Adventure Bay Hall 

People's Choice Award

Once again there will be a (hotly contested) people's choice award with a prize of $250 value.

Lois Bury
Lois Bury - winner of 2014 People's Choice Award
Bury painting
Lois' striking image of the Spotted Pardalote at the exhibition

Entries for the 2018 Festival will be invited shortly.

Also available as pdf downloads are the Bruny Island birdlist and the print list form should you wish to supply prints for sale at the front desk.

Terms & Conditions

Images and art works must reflect the theme of Bruny Island birds and all birds depicted must be those that can be seen on Bruny Island.
A comprehensive bird list can be accessed above. Entry is open but the number of framed artworks and sculptures is restricted to four per person. Other items may be submitted to replace any sold. A 10% commission will be charged on the sale of artwork this year but the entry fee is still $20. Exhibiting artists living on Bruny Island are asked to participate in staffing the exhibition. Photographic images must be a minimum A5 (15x20cm) and framed or mounted on stiff board with name, title and price provided on reverse. All framed and heavier items must be fitted with hooks and wire ready for hanging and labeled. Sculptures must be able to fit on a small plinth, or be free standing and be labeled. A retail space will be available for the sale of unframed artworks (min A4 -max A3 size) FOR EXHIBITORS ONLY. Each piece must be provided in a clear protective sleeve & clearly priced and labeled. Please include an itemised list of prints. This form can be downloaded above. Works, sold and paid for, may be taken during the Exhibition if necessary. All works submitted must be CLEARLY labeled on the reverse side and include artist's name, title, selling price, and print edition (if relevant). All wrapping must be clearly labelled for repackaging of artworks The exhibition committee endeavours to show all works during the exhibition, however, due to possible limited space, work will be selected with the criteria of the over all exhibition in mind. Work will be arranged and hung by the exhibition com- mittee. Each exhibitor will be allocated exhibition space that in the opinion of the exhibition committee is ap- propriate to the individual work and to the presenta- tion of the overall exhibition. The exhibition committee reserves the right to withhold from exhibiting any work that it deems to be in their opinion unsuitable in sub- ject or quality. The exhibition committee will exercise all reasonable care when handling art works but cannot be responsible for the loss or damage of any works whilst in their custody. Exhibitors are responsible for insuring their works against loss or damage when in care of the com- mittee or in transit. Children’s work will be happily accepted provided conditions of entry are met. No entry fee is required for their submissions. Bruny Island courier services are available for drop off and pick up of Artworks. Please contact courier directly to discuss your requirements and costs. Bruny Island Couriers - Bruce 0428446329

Enquiries to the Bird Festival Art Exhibition Coordinator
Kerry Marvell  email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.