Bruny Island Birdlife

The very fact we have a bird festival every two years is an indication that something special is going on here as far as birds are concerned.

Bruny is an internationally known hotspot for birdwatching both for the wonderful array of birds and the fact that it is the only location where it is possible to sight all the 12 Tasmanian endemics in their natural habitats, and often in one day! Add to that the fact that the whole island has been designated an Important Bird Area......
Bruny Island is regarded as a last stronghold for the threatened Forty-spotted Pardalote and the critically endangered migratory Swift Parrot that come to breed in
years with a good flowering in the blue gum (E. globulus). Recent research has identified predation by the sugar glider has a devasting impact on breeding success of the Swift Parrot which makes Bruny Island, which is free of this other wise delightful creature, vital to the future of this species.

Click here for a pdf of all the Bruny Island Bird species

Tasmanian Endemic Birds    
Scrubtit Greenrosella TasmanianScrubwren
Scrubtit  Green Rosella Tasmanian Scrubwren
DuskyRobin YellowWattleBird Forty-spottedPardalote1530
Dusky Robin Yellow Wattlebird Forty-Spotted pardalote
BlackCurrawong BlackHeadedHE YellowThroatedHE
 Black Currawong  Black-Headed Honeyeater Yellow-Throated Honeyeater
TasmanianThornbill StrongbilledHE NativeHens 
Tasmanian Thornbill Strong-Billed Honeyeater Tasmanian Native Hen
    All photos © Alan Fletcher, Birdlife Tasmania