Frequently Asked Festival Questions

Q) Is the Bruny Island Bird Festival the loveliest wee Bird Festival on the loveliest island in the whole wide world?
A) Why yes it is, thank you for asking

Q)What are this years Festival dates?OBP - First Dog On The Moon - Bruny Island Bird Festival
A)19-22nd October 2018

Q)How do I get in touch with the festival coordinator?
A) Please see the Contact page

Q) Where can I stay on Bruny Island?
A) Please see the Accommodation page

Q)How do I get to Bruny?
A)Please see the Travel Page

Q) What is the Bruny ferry timetable?
A)Please see the Travel Page

Q)Where can I eat on Bruny and during the Festival?
A) Please see the Dining page

Q) How can I find out about the birds of Bruny Island before I arrive?
A) You can view the Birds page of the website and also download a pdf of the Bruny Island Birdlist

Q)If I arrive early or stay later than just the festival dates, are there other things to do on Bruny?
A) Bruny is famous for its beauty and has many fantastic activities and walks.  The island is full of gourmet food produce and abounds in wildlife.  There is also a list of Pre & Post Festival Events happening in the region which you can access through the Festival Program Menu

Q)I am not really a bird watcher, will I still enjoy the festival?
A) YES - We have such diverse activities from lectures to print workshops, cruises to photography workshops, that no matter your level of knowledge or interest, you will find plenty to fill your days, and may leave the festival more of a birder than when you arrived. Have a look at the complete Festival Program

Q)I am a serious and experienced bird watcher, will I still enjoy the festival?
A) YES - The calibre of the guides and presenters is such that even if you are an experienced birder, you will find yourself in the company of some of Tasmania's most knowledgable and expererienced guides, rangers, ornathogogists, ecologists, zoologists - all the ologists.   The festival is aimed at being inclusive and welcoming to all levels of knowledge, yet activities like the Inala tours, the lectures, the Bird Cruise, The Birdathon, The OBP Movie and Q&A ... shall give ample opportunity for even the most long term birders to add to their store of knowledge and enjoyment. Have a look at the complete Festival Program

Q)Can I bring my children?
A) YES - The Friday and Saturday are especially crammed with activities suitable for children and with the whole of Saturday being family day at the Adventure Bay HQ,  the most difficult thing will be working out how to fit everything in.  We have kept prices very affordable for families and many of the activities are free of charge for children under 12. As much as this is a bird festival, it is also about enjoying and respecting all aspects of nature and the environment.  Have a look at the complete Festival Program
If you are thinking of taking a child in an adult group situation where there may be a need for quiet movements and hushed voices for the length of the tour in order to see the birdlife, please judge whether you think it will be suitable for the age and personality of the child.

Q)I have booked a selection of fantastic events but now tragically I have a wedding / a job interview / a date with destiny over the festival weekend - and I need to alter / cancel my bookings.  How do I do that?
A) We are very sorry to hear that, do get in touch on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to work out a solution.  The reservation and cancellation policy is at the bottom of the booking page.