2018 Festival  Program by Day

Welcome to our 2018 Bruny Island Bird Festival Program, bursting at the seams with bird related events.  BOOK NOW

Our community celebration of birdlife and nature is now in its 5th anniversary and we are proud of how it has become such a joyful and well loved Australian birding event.  
Please take time to read through the program and absorb all the fantastic walks, lectures, workshops and events that will be part of the Festival.  We have done our very best to allow you to be able to attend a very diverse selection of activities over the 4 days, however you may have to plan carefully to fit in everything you wish to do.  
Remember there are many events that do not require a booking, and due to the generosity of our presenters and sponsors, they are often free or 'donation only' to attend.  The festival is diverse, inclusive and welcoming to all, no matter what your level of birding knowledge and interest may be.
We look forward to welcoming you to our very special Bruny Island Bird Festival on this unique and beautiful island.

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Friday 19th October

A Great Breakfast at Great Bay

Friday 19th, Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st October. 7.30am- 8.30am

Location: Eden Home Farm, 1771 Bruny Island Main Rd, Great Bay

Feeling peckish? Join the flock at Eden Home Farm, for a farm style breakfast to kick of your day of birding magic. The breakfast location is the starting point for several guided walks exploring this private Great Bay bird haven (separate booking required), yet even if you are not continuing on to one of these walks, you are very welcome to make this a tasty start to your day.

The breakfast is being hosted by Richard Clarke and Anna Bluck of Bruny Island Game Meats.

Directions: 1771 Bruny Island Main Road, Great Bay. The entrance to the property is midway between the Bruny Island Cheese Co. and Get Shucked.
Look out for the Bird festival flag and the sign to Eden Home Farm and follow the signs to the top paddock. Plenty of parking available.

Cost: $15 per adult ($10 per child 12yr and under ) Booking required. BOOK HERE

Songs of the Bush - A Woodland Walk with Sarah Lloyd - FRIDAY WALK FULLY BOOKED

Sarah Lloyd - Woodland Walk  - Bruny Island Bird FestivalFriday 19th, and Sunday 21st., 8.30am - 10am   Yellow WattleBird - Chris Tzaros - Bruny Island Bird Festival

Adult $20 Child $5 (accompanied and 12yr and under) Max 20

A North Bruny, Great Bay woodland walk guided by Sarah Lloyd, renowned naturalist, photographer and author.

Learn how to identify birds by their song as you follow easy hillside walking trails through bush, dry Eucalyptus woodland and patches of open farmland where you can hope to see a fantastic selection of bush birds including endemics, robins, honeyeaters, thornbills and firetails.
Walk up the gentle slope of the hill to be rewarded at the top with an outstanding view over Great Bay and the d'Entrecasteaux Channel.

Approx 1.5hrs. (Why not have a great bush breakfast before you begin your walk at the same location - bookings separate)

Location: Eden Home Farm, 1771 Bruny Island Main Rd, Great Bay - The entrance to the property is midway between the Bruny Island Cheese Co. and
Get Shucked. Look our for the Festival sign to Eden Home Farm and follow the signs to the top paddock. Plenty of parking available.   BOOK HERE

Inala Property Walk

Forty Spotted Pardalotes - Andrew Browne - Bruny Island Bird FestivalDaily: 8:30am - 11.00am and 1:30pm - 4:00pm except Monday afernoon (tour may run to 3 hrs).

Meet at Inala, 320 Cloudy Bay Rd, South Bruny - look for Festival flag and meet at carpark.
$45 adult, $25 accompanied child 12yr and under. Bookings required. Min 6, Max 12

Suit Novice +     Join an experienced Inala ornithologist for a 2.5-3-hour walking tour of Inala. Inala is a 1,500 acre private reserve and a centre for conservation work for several threatened and endangered species. Inala is home to one of the largest known populations of Forty-spotted Pardalotes, and on this tour you will learn about the conservation efforts undertaken to protect these species, as well as searching for other Tasmanian endemics and specialities. Highlights include the possibility of most of the Tasmanian endemics including Strong-billed Honeyeater and the endangered Forty-spotted Pardalote.

* younger family tours may be arranged if sufficient demand - Please ask.  BOOK HERE

Birding Bruny Island - Day Tour

Pink Robin - Cat Davidson - Bruny Island Bird FestivalFriday 19th, Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st: 8:30am - 5:00pm (Monday if enough interest)

Meet at Adventure Bay Hall carpark

$190 pp. Bookings required. Min 6 people Max 8

A day tour of Bruny Island with a specialist Inala tour guide at a special festival only price will give you a fantastic opportunity to explore the many diverse habitats of Bruny Island (including a visit to the Inala Private Reserve ) and discover a fantastic selection of birds.  You will learn about their calls, their identifying marks, their behaviours etc. The Inala guides know Bruny Island intimately and are overflowing with information about the flora, fauna, history, geology and seasonal rhythms of this remarkable island.

You will be travelling in an Inala vehicle throughout the day.
BYO lunch (Snacks and cold drinks provided). BOOK HERE

Beach to Bush Walk

Bob Graham - Beach to Bush Walk - Bruny Island Bird FestivalDaily 8.30am- 10:00am, start at Adventure Bay Hall Native Hen - Chris Tzaros - Bruny Island Bird Festival$10 adult, accompanied child under 12 free.
Booking required. Max 12

Adventure Bay - guided by Bob Graham and  Fiona Hume 

A Festival favourite guided by passionate bird lovers.  Bruny Bird Festival founder Bob Graham & ecologist Fiona Hume take you on a gentle walk from the Adventure Bay shoreline through a selection of different habitats into beautiful tall forest.  Your guides will help you see, hear and understand the range of bird species to be sighted in each different ecotone. BOOK HERE

Inala Jurassic Garden Walk & Nature Centre self guided walk

Jurassic Garden - Inala Nature Tours - Bruny Island Bird FestivalDaily: 9.00am to 4.30pm

Inala, 320 Cloudy Bay Rd, South Bruny - look for Festival flag.
$10 adult $5 child $20 family. No bookings required - Pay on arrival.

This is a self-guided walk - take as long as you like. Welcome to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in the Gardens.

The Nature Museum houses an extensive, private collection of fossils, gems, minerals, shells and natural specimens from Tasmania and around the world.  Set over five acres, the Jurassic Gardens are easily explored by a sealed path that winds through almost 400 species of plants. All of the family groups represented in the gardens are remnants that have survived through history since the breakup of the supercontinent Gondwana.

Entry fees will support the care of injured and orphaned wildlife nurtured by Inala staff.

Speakers Series  -  For more detailed descriptions see the Speakers series page
Venue: Bruny Bowls Club

Speaker Series - Bruny Island Bird FestivalThe lectures are a core feature of the Bird Festival and the topics cover an incredible breadth of subjects across the birding world.  We have our biggest festival lineup yet and we are once again showcasing a remarkable collection of knowledge and passion from the cream of Tasmania’s scientists, photographers, rangers, artists, journalists, guides, academics, students and environmental champions.  

The lectures are available for free, thanks to the very generous contribution of time and expertise by the presenters.

Donations will be welcomed at the door.  Please be there 5 minutes before the start time.

Booking is not compulsary, however, we do appreciate knowing possible numbers in advance, so you can let us know on the booking form which lectures you may like to attend.

When What Who
 9:00  Making the Midlands great again: restoring habitat for the unique woodland bird community of Tasmania Glen Bain 
 9:50  Seabirds Sentinels of Marine Debris  Peter Puskic & Megan Grant
10:40  Raven populations are enhanced by wildlife roadkill but do not impact songbird assemblages  Matthew Fielding
11:10  Spots or Stripes, Staccato or Shriek? Handy hints on how to become a better bird spotter.  Fiona Hume
12:00  Vanishing Point and Plastic Waste - an art/science collaboration  Katherine Cooper
12:50  What really happens at Inala as told by the ‘bird lady’ of Bruny. Tonia Cochran 
1:40  The nature writer flies high  Don Knowler

Artist in Residence - Katherine Cooper   

Katherine Cooper - artist in residence - Bruny Island Bird FestivalFriday 19th, Saturday 20th, Sunday 21st, 9:30am - 4:00pm

International award-winning nature artist and passionate environmentalist Katherine Cooper will be Artist-in-residence throughout the festival.  Watch as she creates a wildlife painting live and if she isn't too absorbed in her work, you can ask her questions about her work and her craft. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet one of Tasmania's leading artists and watch the magic happen.  On the walls around the building of Festival sponsor Bruny Cruises, you can see other examples of her beautiful and atmospheric work.

Free entry, donations appreciated, no booking required

Festival Art Exhibition  

Rod Hartvigsen - Art Exhibition - Bruny Island Bird FestivalDaily:  10am -5pm, Adventure Bay Hall

We are honoured once again to be exhibiting some of Tasmania’s finest artists at our Bird Festival Art Exhibition. This year the exhibition will be at Festival HQ (Adventure Bay Hall) featuring a selection of paintings, photographs and sculptures inspired by the birds of Bruny Island.  Take part in the people’s choice award and choose your personal favourite.

Most of the artworks will be for sale,along with a selection of cards and prints, guaranteed to please any bird enthusiast.

Free entry, donations appreciated, no booking required

Literary Birdthemed Brunch ( A Parliament of Poets and a Wisdom of Wordsmiths )

Literary Bird Brunch - Bruny Island Bird Festivalnative hen - red parka - Bruny Island Bird FestivalFriday 
19th October 10.30 - 12 am

Cost: $10 
( P
urchase your own 
delicious drinks
and brunch from the specially created Winery Brunch Menu
, not included in price )
The beauty, music and freedom of birds have given inspiration to writers and poets throughout human history.  Here is a chance to read your favourite bird poem or short story, tell a ballad or even bravely showcase your own bird themed literary work.  
Hosted by author John Cameron and located in the beautiful surroundings of Bruny Island Premium Wines where you can choose from a Brunch menu and enjoy delicious local gourmet produce while you take flight with the readings.
If you do not wish to take part
 in the open mic aspect of the event
, simply relax with your 
 and enjoy the selection of 
All welcome, bookings required.
Bruny Island Premium Wines, Lunawanna, South Bruny   

Bruny Island Seabird Cruise

Bruny Island Cruises - Gold Sponsor - Bruny Island Bird FestivalFriday 19th October, 11:00am - Bruny Island Cruises, 1005 Adventure Bay Road, Adventure Bay

$135 adult, child (3-16 yrs) $85. Bookings required. Max 43

The Bird Festival joins forces with multi-award-winning Bruny Island Cruises exploring the edge of the majestic Southern Ocean and Bruny Island’s abundant coastal sea life. This specialist birding cruise will commence along the Bruny Island coastline, showcasing amazing scenery and offering a unique guided experience with Bird Festival expert seabird specialists: Paul Brooks and Dr Eric Woehler, who are passionate about birds.  Expect to see inshore seabirds – gannets, shearwaters, gulls and terns – and we hope to see some of the oceanic species - albatrosses, petrels
and prions – and hear about them through the lens of our expert guides as they seek out the best possible birding experiences.  Expect also to see
abundant coastal wildlife such as seals, dolphins and maybe even whales migrating back to their summer feeding grounds.

Meet at Bruny Island Cruises office, 1005 Adventure Bay Rd ( please note they have moved to their new location right at the end of the Adventure Bay Rd
since last festival)
Bring warm & wet weather clothing, snacks and drink.

Pennicott Wilderness Journeys / Bruny Cruises  are a generous sponsor of the Bruny Island Bird Festival   BOOK HERE

Workshop - The Art and Craft of Bird Photography with Chris Tzaros

Chris Tzaros - Photography Workshop - Bruny Island Bird FestivalFriday 19th, 1:00pm  - Lunawanna Memorial Hall, Lighthouse Rd, LunawannaDuskyWoodswallowTZ

$100 adult $60 teen (10 - 17 yo) Bookings required. Max 20

Glean tips on photographing birds from an expert. Sessions will include a workshop presentation including a general introduction to digital photography, equipment, basic technical aspects of bird photography, field techniques, camera settings and photo editing/processing.

Car pool or walk to likely bird spots. In the field, you can experiment with technical aspects and Chris will demonstrate field techniques. Afterwards, you can discuss/review your images and have more time for Q and A. Bring photography equipment

Afterwards, you can discuss/review your images and have more time for Q and A.  Bring your own photography equipment BOOK HERE

( Chris is a very generous supporter of the Bruny Island Bird Festival and a great deal of the images on the website and advertising belong to Chris ) 

Workshop - The big dead birds of Australia

geoyornis - Matthew Fielding - Bruny Island Bird FestivalDromaius peroni - Matthew Fielding - Bruny Island Bird FestivalFriday 19th, 1:00- 1:30pm  - Festival HQ

When we think of fossils, we typically think of dinosaurs and giant mammals. However, Australia was also home to more than 90 known extinct bird species.
These include some of the largest and weirdest birds to roam the Earth, such as the massive Thunderbirds (which include the demon duck of doom), the
egg-burying megapodes and the dwarf emus of the Bass Strait islands. This workshop is being run by Matthew Fielding will include an introduction to
some of these birds and an interactive identification activity. 

Suit all ages.

Cost: Free (Donations appreciated)

Seabirds and Plastics interactive workshop

Friday 19th,  2:00- 3:30pm - Adventure Bay Festival HQ

Peter Puskic MeganBolus imagePostgraduate students Peter Puskic and Megan Grant are investigating the impacts of plastic ingestion on seabirds. This workshop will aim to show the confronting reality of this situation. After an introductory presentation, participants will get hands on to investigate plastics regurgitated by or found within seabirds and within their nests and will separate these contents into organic and anthropogenic categories. These will then each be weighed and a catalogued allowing participants to assist with this scientific research. You will learn about the impact these anthropogenic debris may be having on the birds health and their environment. We will discover how scientists can use these plastic remains to uncover dietary and ecosystem health data from these birds and what this means for the future of our oceans.

Free (Donations appreciated) Bookings required

Suitable for 12 year-olds and upward, anyone younger must be accompanied by an adult

Off with the birds - A weaving of Poetry and Music by Gina Mercer and Lynne Griffiths

Gina Mercer - Poetry and Music - Bruny Island Bird FestivalLynne Griffiths - Poetry and Music - Bruny Island Bird FestivalFriday 19th October, 2pm - 3pm

Cost: Adult - $20,  Child 12yr and under $10

Words and notes ripple off each other to create a resonant and immersive meditation on the diverse birds who enliven, haunt, and accompany our lives in this collaborative performance. The lyrical and sensual poetry of Gina Mercer is interwoven with the evocative flutes and harp of Lynne Griffiths.

Dennes Point Memorial Hall, 18 Bruny Island Main Rd, Dennes Point. BOOK HERE

Welcome Gathering BBQ & Festival Opening

Friday 19th from 5:00pm

Festival marquee, Adventure Bay Hall area
Cost: $15 for great food. Licensed event - no BYO. Bookings essential

Join us for the first evening of the Bird Festival and a community welcome barbeque.  This is a lovely time to mill around and banter with a gathering throng
of fellow bird and nature lovers.  We shall begin with a ‘Welcome to Country’, followed by a brief speech to officially open the festival and welcome you all.  
A relaxed and informal BBQ will follow before the Orange Bellied Parrot event commences in the Adventure Bay hall

Time: From 5pm for the opening, 5.30 for the BBQ and bird count, 6.30pm for the start of the film BOOK HERE

Nightly Bird Count at Adventure Bay Hall  5.30pm - Catherine Young

12 endemics strip Plus Swift Parrot red parka - Bruny Island Bird Festival

Before each evening's event, come together as a merry group to record what birds we have all seen during the day on Bruny.  Join the rapid fire Bruny Bird
name shout-out led by one of our fantastic birding volunteers to mark the days tally on a giant chart.

As with all such counts, what seems so straightforward can lead to pistols at dawn! So as a guideline, more than one person must have been present for
a sighting to be valid.  If only one person was present or a rare bird ID is contested by others, then photographic evidence will help your cause greatly!
The results will be for communal enjoyment, not a scientific record.

Film - "The Desperate Plight of the Orange Bellied Parrot"OBP MOVIE - David Neilson - Bruny Island Bird Festival

Orange bellied Parrot - David Neilson - Bruny Island Bird FestivalFilmed, produced and edited by David Neilson and Karen Alexander of Snowgum Press. 
Followed by a  panel session.

Friday 19 Oct, 6.30pm  - Adventure Bay Hall 

This timely documentary by photographer David Neilson tells the story of this critically endangered bird and the efforts by a number of people to save this species from extinction. There are less than 50 of these beautiful small parrots living in the wild. They breed over the summer at Port Davey in South West Tasmania and then cross Bass Strait to spend the winter on the mainland coast. Filming from close quarters has enabled various aspects of the Orange-bellied Parrot’s behaviour to be shown on film for the first time. Scientists working on the recovery efforts are interviewed along with footage of their field work. The future prospects of this species so close to the edge of extinction are also canvassed.

OBP 3 week old nestling David Neilson - Bruny Island Bird FestivalFilm runs approx 1hr.
Following Q & A session 30mins with David Neilson, Shannon Troy (OBP Tasmania Program) & naturalist Tonia Cochran

$15 adult $10 child. - BOOK HERE
(Half the entry fee is kindly donated to BIEN and OBP conservation by David and Karen)

Penguin & Shearwater Colony Tour

Friday 19th, Saturday 20th, Sunday 21st - 7.15pm for 7:30pm departure, Penguin Shearwater Tours - Bruny Island Bird Festival

Board buses at Festival Head Quarters, Adventure Bay Hall
$15 adult, Children under 12 and with an adult $5. Bookings required. Max 20 per tour

Join an Inala bird guide and Dr Eric Woehler of BirdLife Tasmania to visit the Little Penguin colony at The Neck.  Learn about and hopefully see Little Penguins
as they make their way from the ocean back to their burrows after dark. You will also see the beautiful Short-tailed Shearwaters who breed at this site
after their epic migration journey across the oceans from the Antarctic to the Arctic.

Bring your own torch, red cellophane will be provided. NB: No flash photography.

Note: The colony area may be under construction up to and possibly during the festival.  We have been granted special permission for access for these
festival tours, and this may mean a walk of several hundred metres on flat ground.

Tour 2 - 2.5hr  duration. BOOK HERE

Gatepost Bird Sculptures

Gatepost Bird Sculptures - Bruny Island Bird FestivalAll days, Island wideGatepost Sculpture - Bruny Island Bird Festival

Be sure to watch out for the artful and whimsical creations adorning islander's gateposts.
Collect a map at the Festival HQ in Adventure Bay Hall.

Why not join in the fun and create your own. Workshops in August at the Bruny Men's Shed - Entries close Friday 28 September.

Your fantabulous creation in the competiton will be judged prior to the event and winners announced at the Community Market.

The Gatepost Sculpture Competition is generously sponsored by the Bruny Island Ferry Company